Vintage wedding dress

When it comes to vintage wedding dresses it’s all about details and great pieces of fabric. In these lines you’ll observe some great looking models of such dresses and you can be sure that you’ll think twice before choosing a modern or a vintage bride’s dress.
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The first model of vintage wedding dress that we want to talk about is really long and it has nice details on the waist line. It has a belt that’s made of fabric like the rest of the dress. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that this model has medium size sleeves with nice embroidery on it.

vintage wedding dress

The lower part of the bride’s dress is A shaped and it has nice patterns and models on it. The dress is made of taffeta with lace and we thing that this combination is divine. Also, it can be used as a beach wedding dress because it feels really light on the body and you won’t even notice that it’s on you and also the material doesn’t make you feel hot or sweaty!

Besides the fabrics used in this dress there are some other things that make it vintage, like its cuts and the details used. For instance you have here a dress that is really tight on the body and it has a sweetheart neckline also with a halter strap. This is indeed a model that will define that period. The model of the dress can do it all: you also need to apply for some nice curls and waves in your hair that are also ripped from those times and let’s admit that most of you want to get back in time and apply for the clothes that they used to wear….

vintage wedding dress2

There are also some other models that don’t look exactly as wedding dresses, but if you wear them with appropriate details you can be sure that the effect is guaranteed. There’s this other model that looks like a normal dress with medium sized sleeves a truck suit model collar and a bow detail on the chest.

This dress isn’t that tight on the body and it has some areas that will definitely create a unique model. The bow detail is realized from a different model and there’s also an area on the lower side of the skirt that suits perfectly with this bow detail. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the detail in the hair: the cockade with the really transparent veil, this cockade is similar in tone with the details already mentioned above.

vintage wedding dress3

This vintage wedding dress can be considered as a typical model for that period, its simplicity is unique and it makes the woman look elegant and sexy, although she doesn’t have the breasts uncovered or we don’t know what area…

Don’t worry; because the examples don’t end here and you can be sure that in the future period you’ll receive some other interesting models as examples and you have a lot of inspiration sources as you can see!

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