Venus wedding dresses

If you were on the quest for exquisite models of wedding dresses, then the models we are about to present are just appropriate for you. And since we will talk about different kind of dresses, we thought it would be best to go all the way and have them colored, for a more complete image and a better definition of “different”.
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So, we are set to talk about Venus wedding dresses. Let’s start, then, with a purple wedding dress that will capture you from the first moment you lay your eyes on it. It is quite ruffled and it features several glittery elements. The corset has shiny looking straps made of lace, a straight neckline and spaghetti straps. It may appear to be bulky, and it requires a lot of attention when putting it on and also when wearing it, but if you want to break the pattern and exceed everyone’s expectations in a very non-conventional way, this is the dress you want to own.

venus wedding dresses

Another divine looking Venus wedding dress, that this time comes in the classical white – is the one below. It is designed in A-line style and it has dark red floral motifs that are meant to emphasize the waistline of the bride and to delimitate the margins of the dress. We must also mentions that this dress has a sweetheart neckline and it will look divine on your body if your attitude will match it.

venus wedding dresses 2

Next we have two nice models of Venus wedding dresses that most certainly are appropriate for a wedding that takes place in this warm season. The dress on the left has a sweetheart neckline, a slight A-line form and floral motifs on the upper part of it.

venus wedding dresses 3

It also features one strap that goes around the neck. It is a rather simple model, but it denotes good taste and elegance in the same time. On the dress on the right we can observe deep cleavage, tiered details on the bodice, spaghetti straps that are entirely made of plisses. Choosing between these two will not be an easy task, we reckon.

venus wedding dresses 4

Venus wedding dresses do not always come in sizes destined to models alone. There are also wedding dresses that are designed for brides who have plus size dimensions. As the one in the picture below. It is very beautifully embroidered and ruffled. In the back side the dress we can see a short train that creates a nice visual effect and that makes your body look just fantastic.

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  1. Rachel Reply

    My heart absolutely skipped a beat when I saw the purple dress above. This is THE one. I’ve been looking at dresses for about a year now and my wedding is next September. WHERE can I get this dress? My heart will break if I can’t find this dress now. Please give me contact information if you have it. Thank you.

    • lia Reply

      Hey, do you still have the info you got about that purple dress.
      i can’t find it anywhere online and i would really love to have it.

  2. Eleanor Reply

    I love that purple dress above but i can’t find it any where! i need this dress!! Please gve my information on where to get it from!! my sweet 16 is in stake! PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE give me information.

  3. Andrew Reply

    You both got mails ! 😀

  4. Anita Reply

    I’ve been searching for that purple dress everywhere can u tell me where I can find it.

  5. Jewelz Reply

    I would desperately like to know where to purchase the purple dress, it is absolutely beautiful. I have been searching for the perfect gown for over a year now, and this is it. Can you make a brides dream dress come true by providing info on where I might find it. Thank You Very Much!

  6. shanna Reply

    plz send me price and page fer purple dress im in love again

  7. Roxas Reply

    I fell in love with that purple dress when I saw it. I know that this IS my dress. Where can I get is and what is the price of it?

  8. Andrew Reply

    Venus is a fashion house.Check it out here :

    • lia Reply

      Please tell me how i can get the purple dress.
      i have to have that dress, i’m in love with it.

  9. Loren Reply

    Just as everybody else I love the purple dress! I tried the link and i didnt see it! please send me all the details.. price and whatnot!!! Thanks so much!

  10. kayla Reply

    PLEASE PLEASE tell me how to get a price on that purple dress i’ve been looking all over the web to find it & i cant that is the dress i want i can see myself in it. my heart is set on it please help me my wedding will be complete if i have that dress. thank you

  11. Lia Reply

    I love that purple dress so much.
    where can i get it and how much is it?
    please E-mail me.

  12. lia Reply

    Please please tell me how to get the purple dress.
    i’m so in love with it, that is my dress.

  13. Emma Reply

    Venus is a fashion house.Check it out here :

    I checked for the dress and i see that it’s not available anymore,as soon as i’ll find a link i will post it here. Greetings !

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