The minimalist wedding bouquet 2

Today, we shall continue with a few model examples of minimalist wedding bouquets, as we believe that the ones presented in the previous article was not enough to help you make a decision. Therefore, we will continue to cover some more.
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The first example refers to a simple bouquet composed of colorful callas that come in warm shades. You can fine shades from green to orange or purple black in a single calla flower. Collect many of these flowers into a nice looking bouquet and wrap a satin purple ribbon around it in such a manner as to create a matte handle for this accessory.

the minimalist wedding bouquet 2

Another simple bouquet that caught our eye is composed of many orange roses and here and there you can choose to add some small flowers. These roses are raised in a beautiful manner and you can detect every single petal of the bud. Also, you can wrap a nice looking ribbon around it, maybe in a cream nuance, which is shiny and really great looking around all the flowers’ strains.

the minimalist wedding bouquet 22

The following example is very colored. It is composed of nice looking orchids in a yellow-green tine and some dots of purple color in the center of the bud. Wrap around this bouquet a shiny rope as to create a marvelous effect. This rope can be in a similar color to the flower buds.

the minimalist wedding bouquet 23

Another fine model consists of a wedding bouquet composed of pink tulips. Around these tulips there can be some fresh green leaves. You can go for any kind of leaves as long as their color is an intense green. It is also a must to wrap and tie this bouquet with a purple ribbon that can be fixed there with the help of some pearl pins.

the minimalist wedding bouquet 24

We do have four other examples left but we would like to leave them for the next article. However, we do have one last opinion to share. We believe that the minimalist bouquets and the Biedermeier are the most appropriate for a bride to use. We are looking forward to receive your feedback or maybe you could share with us the story of your wedding bouquet.

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