Simple wedding dresses

There are quite some women who prefer to wear a simple wedding dress on their wedding day. But this does not mean that they do not wish to be the center of attention, this only implies that they see beauty in things that are not necessarily sophisticated. It is for these ladies that we put together this article which consists in some simple dresses examples.
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We are sure there is no need for us to remind you that simple does not mean lack of taste. Simple can imply elegance just as any other designer wedding dress.
Our first suggestion is this fine satin wedding gown. As you can see, there is no embroidery or any other type of embellishment, but the thin straps and the exposed back are the small details that make this dress irresistibly beautiful.

simple wedding dresses

We continue with another dress designed in mermaid style that denotes simplicity from every angle. If you are a woman with a nicely shaped body this dress will definitely put you to an advantage. It features embroidery shaped as an X that is meant to emphasize yet another part of your natural beauty. The fabric used will only make you feel comfortable wearing the dress so, if a simple wedding dress is what you are after, do not forget to put this one on the list.

simple wedding dresses2

Another model that denotes simplicity is this dress that has a sweetheart neckline and is designed in A-line. The ruffles from the lower part of the dress are the most “extravagant” part of it, but the chiffon suppresses their wild tendencies successfully.

simple wedding dresses3

A model worthy of all recommendation is this one strap dress. It emphasized the features of your body without overdoing with the details. The designers decided to add some rhinestones to it, as a final touch, but we believe the dress would be just as wonderful without them on, too.

simple wedding dresses4

You can, without any fear, choose a wavy dress to match this time of the year. You may wear a baby doll type of dress with pocket details made of light fabric or a strapless dress with an interesting looking cleavage and a flower detail on the side.

simple wedding dresses5

It may turn out to be harder to choose a simple dress than to choose a sophisticated one, when there are so many beautiful models to choose from. Our advice to you is to try on as many as possible until you find the one that will make you feel, walk and talk like a bride.

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