Rustic wedding bouquet

All brides think about how their wedding bouquet should look like, and how should it be composed as to suit the wedding theme best. Well, for those of you who have selected to host a country themed wedding, the answer is simple; you ought to have a rustic wedding bouquet and we will give you some ideas about the way you can achieve your goal most successfully.
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We will begin with a rather uncommon option. We are pretty convinced you have not given cotton a thought before, but putting together a bouquet using cotton bolls will give your overall aspect a cozy, country touch. As they are also white, they could represent the perfect choice for those of you who want to keep the tradition alive.

rustic wedding bouquet

A good combination of flowers that will lead to a wonderful rustic bouquet is represented by seeded eucalyptus, baby’s breath, ranunculus and ferns. Your wedding bouquet will look very natural, and at the same time, it will accomplish its role as an eye-catching bridal accessory. The combination of colors is absolutely breathtaking and the scent of the flowers will remind the guests of the wedding theme throughout the entire ceremony.

rustic wedding bouquet2

If your wedding happens to be in the fall, then it would not be a bad idea to use this season’s natural gifts and come up with a wheat rustic wedding bouquet. A bouquet cannot get any more rustic than that, but, be careful not to stuff it; a rustic wedding is never defined by this. And to be country all the way, you could tie up the bouquet with a thin rope.

rustic wedding bouquet3

Another beautiful option comes in the shape of dried lavender. This type of bouquet is rather simple, but if the stems will have a brooch (for example) attached to a piece of lace the aspect of your wedding flowers will be complete.

A rustic wedding does not mean that you cannot add romantic, delicate and feminine details, but on the contrary. These can be introduced in the wedding bouquet by the use of lilac and baby’s breath. However, if you want your wedding bouquet to have a dominant green color, you can very easily mix echeverias and veronicas.

rustic wedding bouquet4

There are many flowers you can use with such a generous wedding theme, but there is a rule you must follow accurately when composing your rustic wedding bouquet: it must not be overcrowded and the mix of the flowers and their colors have to have a natural air.

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