If you’re considering hiring a photo booth for your wedding day, you can either hire backdrops and props or even create a DIY booth. Photo booths make for such a fun addition to any celebration and a proper focal point. They’re bound to get all the guests talking and really having fun at your event.

What’s more, with photo booths for hire in London, you’ll end up with some seriously relaxed, different and fun pictures of your wedding night that you can treasure along with your more formal snap shots. If your budget can stretch to a hired booth, you can enjoy instant prints for your album and for your guests to take home with them. But, if you want a more creative solution (and labour of love) you might want to make your own photo booth.

Planning a Photo Booth

Whether you’re looking for photo booths for hire in London or wanting to make your own booth, you need to consider the style of your wedding and how that can be worked into the photo booth. Maybe you even want to incorporate something else that you and your newlywed love? Maybe you love mountains or ski resorts?

A Bonfire Booth

Bonfire backdrops can be loads of fun. You can add a whole variety of props that act like guests are throwing them onto the fire. Include anything that would be fun to burn and add a spark to your wedding reception.

photo credit:  via photopin (license)

photo credit: via photopin (license)

A Dance Booth

If there’s going to be lots of dancing at your wedding, consider the location of your photo booth. It shouldn’t be too far away from the dance floor but you may want to pump different music into the booth to make photo taking even more fun. Let those having their photos taken choose a theme tune and get their creative juices and poses flowing.

A Sporty Booth

If you and your other half are sports mad, you might like to have a sports themed photo booth for your wedding day. Backdrops and props for volleyballs; filed hockey and even swimming can be great fun. Add props associated with the sports and you’re bound to open up interaction for your guests.

Photo Booths Hire London

Whatever type of photo booth you decide to have at your wedding, you are guaranteed to get fun photos to last a lifetime. You can also encourage your guests to share their photos on social media with hashtags to identify your event. You’d be surprised just how quickly your wedding might start trending on Twitter and Instagram!

As for renting a photo booth for the big day, you’re probably going to be surprised at how many photos can actually be taken in it. You’ll need to keep in mind ways to get people into the booth which isn’t always as easy as it sounds. It’s not always a case of setting up and having guests swarm to the booth – although photo booths are gaining much popularity these days.

Get guests to notice the booth with a standing sign at eye level. You want to draw your guests’ attention and pull them into the booth or get them lining up for lots of photo fun.

Lights work great as attention grabbers too. Good lighting makes for the wow factor and gets people interested. Many photo booth hire London come with LED lights to grab attention and add to the fun atmosphere.

No doubt your guests will be flocking to your photo booth to have their fun photos taken.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of places that would frame the perfect setting for a wedding in Kent. If you are planning your big day and are at a loss as to where you would like to hold the ceremony and reception, perhaps it would be best to start with a general idea as to the types of venues available.

Some couples want the thrill of a big city wedding with all the noise, crowds and entertainment whilst others prefer a more subdued venue such as in a gloriously green and peaceful meadow at a country manor. Here are some ideas which can be just what you are looking for.

Mingling with the Gentry at Manor Houses

Today’s culture does not hold fast to lines of class as had been the case in generations gone by, but there is still something almost magical about great manor houses in the UK. Getting married and honeymooning at a manor house in Kent offers a taste of class otherwise not experienced in 21st Century lifestyles. Many country houses have accommodations for guests to stay as well, but numbers may be limited due to size restrictions. For smaller wedding parties, these are ideal options.

Golf Clubs for a Bit of Daytime Sport

So often we make jokes about post-ceremony night time sports that we forget about the fact that a wedding venue can also offer daytime sporting for the happy couple and guests alike. Many of Kent’s golf clubs can be bespoke for weddings if booked in advance and these can also offer accommodations for a number of people who actually want to stay on a day or two to enjoy the course whilst getting a bit of R&R at the same time. You’d be surprised at just how many people enjoy a good game of golf!

Rural Beauty in Country Hotels & Historic Inns

Those who are looking for a touch of natural beauty alongside some of Kent’s most notable historical places might want to consider wedding venues that include a 15th century touch, such as those in Maidstone. For smaller to mid-sized weddings, accommodating up to 50 or 60 guests, this would be the ideal setting. Many have facilities indoors to hold the ceremony whilst others also have settings in the gazebo or by lovely water fountains outdoors in their lush gardens.

Feel Like a Princess – Castles for Wedding Venues

Not only are Kent’s castles listed on the national registry as historical sites, but they are marvellous places to host a wedding. Any bride would feel like a princess when given the opportunity to speak her vows in a castle where countless noblemen and women walked the very same path over the centuries. Most castles in Kent still have surviving abbeys or chapels attached to them where the actual ceremony could be held whilst guests could be housed within the castle keep itself.

Screenshot 2015-02-12 07.41.14

Back to Nature in Converted Barns or Wildlife Parks

So many people who live in cities throughout the UK desire nothing more than a chance to get back to nature for a breath of fresh air. What a lovely setting for a wedding venue in a converted barn or wildlife park. Some venues have accommodations on site whereas other venues may be open only for the ceremony itself with accommodations nearby for the newlywed couple and/or guests. To get a better idea of what is available in this particular niche, visit wedding venues in Kent by ukweddingsavings.co.uk.

So you see, there are innumerable venues in Kent to host the wedding of your dreams. It just takes a bit of imagination and inspiration. Once you know your desired setting, you can find a particular venue that meets your needs. Since your choices are almost endless, sit back, relax and enjoy the search.

Screenshot 2015-01-24 10.25.23

It goes without question that every girl wants to be her most beautiful self on her wedding day. After you’ve spent months organising the venue, finding the perfect dress, and arranging catering, it’s time to focus on you. To look your best all you need is a handful of great products, as well as a little time, effort and TLC.

Here’s how to look amazing on your wedding day.

Diet and Exercise

This doesn’t mean starving yourself and running for three hours every day, but your diet and exercise routine can impact upon the condition of your skin.

In the months leading up to your wedding, aim to be active a few times a week. Exercising increases circulation, increases oxygen levels and reduces stress, meaning it works wonders for your complexion. Remember that exercise doesn’t have to be dull, so choose something you enjoy.


Make sure you eat right, too. Try to eliminate processed foods and starchy carbs (here are 5 foods to avoid). Aim to drink lots of water and eat lean meats and leafy green vegetables.

Cleanse, Tone and Exfoliate

When you’re trying to juggle wedding planning with work, it can be easy to neglect skin. But your skin routine is important and requires the same attention as your makeup and hair routines.

Cleanse daily with a cream or oil based cleanser and follow with a gentle alcohol free toner to remove make up residue and hydrate skin. Exfoliate a couple of times a week to renew skin, remove dead cells and leave a glowing complexion. Note: It’s important to know your skin type so you can find the right beauty products.



Moisturising should be the most important part of your skin routine. If your current moisturiser isn’t doing it for you, shop around and try out something new – but make sure you do this a couple of months before the big day in case of break outs! Read the ingredients list and think about what is being absorbed into your skin. Try to aim for a product that contains natural ingredients. If you find a moisturiser containing an SPF, that’s even better!

Don’t Wash Your Hair

If you plan on wearing your hair up, don’t wash your hair on your wedding day. Just washed hair is harder to style and keep in place. Instead, wash your hair the day before and allow your stylist to work their magic.

If you have thin hair that needs volume, are prone to an oily or dry scalp, or have frizzy hair, there are loads of products on the market to give you perfect hair on your big day.

Tip: to freshen hair, use dry shampoo or give your bangs a quick wash and blow dry.

Whether you’re part of the wedding entourage, mother of the bride or just a humble guest, deciding what to wear at a wedding causes many women incredible amounts of stress. But when it’s a winter wedding, multiply that by two. You want to look spectacular but you can’t do that if your skin is covered in goosebumps and your teeth are chattering. So what does one wear to a winter wedding?

Wedding Party

If you’re the bride or bridesmaid, the dresses could be velvet, with lace sleeves. To keep the cold firmly at bay, add a beautiful faux fur wrap, which will give an opulent, Dr Zhivago vibe. If you’re not into fur, faux or otherwise, then you could order bespoke alpaca shrugs or stoles. Alpaca is hypoallergenic, so even people who can’t wear wool, should be fine. A chunkier yarn will be warm and snuggly. If you don’t have an aunty who can produce these for you, you’ll find someone on the UK Hand Knitting Association website.


Mother of the Bride

The matching silk dress and jacket has surely reached saturation point. And it’s not really warm enough for a winter wedding (at least not if any of the photographs are being shot outdoors). Ideally, you need an outfit that will be warm, without being cumbersome, while making you look sizzle. A full winter coat is going to ruin shots and cover up your dress, so why not opt for something funkier and go for an outstanding leather jacket? You can opt for tailored or positively rock chick. It will keep you warm and will make a great contrast with what you wear underneath.



What about Me?

Even if you’re simply attending the winter wedding as a guest, you’ll want to look your elegant best. There won’t be quite so much pressure on you to stand for hours being photographed, so you can get away with a lighter cover up, such as a chic cardigan in cashmere. Evocative of an earlier era of style and grace, a feminine woolly, such as those from The Edinburgh Woollen Mill, is always a winner, whether you choose to team it with a dress or stovepipe trousers.



If you feel the cold and are seriously worried what else you can do, then layering should be considered. However horrible they may look, those control undergarments do more than smooth lines of flab; they keep you warm. If squeezing yourself into a sausage casing fills you with dread, then opt for thermal silk underwear. A lacy camisole, is light, unobtrusive and will allow you to eat as much as you like.

Choosing what to wear at a winter wedding doesn’t have to be a trade-off between looks and comfort; you can most definitely have both!

You can’t get more romantic than a proposal during the festive period, regardless of how you do it. The internet has an abundance of wedding site inspiration on how you can propose and guarantee a “yes!” as well as preparing for the wedding post-celebration, and we’re here to help.

Down on one knee is the tradition, and old habits die hard, however there are a number of ways you can make your proposal extra special. Overthinking such an important aspect of your life can have you flunking your lines and giving into nerves. Keep your proposal simple and thoughtful; your other half won’t be able to resist.

Winter is all around

This year, we are set for a fairly mild and damp Christmas. Although temperatures have dropped slightly, it is still nowhere near as cold as it should be. This means if you were after a wintery and festive proposal, you might be disappointed. However, why not transform the area around you? Don’t wait for it to snow, bring the snow to you!

Fake snow is easily accessible with a glorious snow machine transforming an otherwise miserable looking scene into a winter wonderland. If you’re having trouble getting your hands on a snow machine (or have a modest budget), then deck the hall with boughs of holly! Pick your favourite location together and decorate with no limit. White cloths to represent  snow, holly and mistletoe hanging from the ceiling and a roaring fire will create a warm, cosy and Christmassy atmosphere. All you need is the mulled wine or cider prepared for the celebration to begin.

Snow is vital to any wintery themed proposal but there are many small (and more complicated) extras you can opt for. For example, how about a trip to the penguin section of your local zoo with festive decorations and “will you marry me?” spelt in the fake snow? Of course, you might need to get the zoo permission first…

Head off on an adventure

If the damp UK isn’t exactly your cup of tea then why not consider the mini trip? You will have the peace and quiet as well as the sunshine if that’s what you fancy. It can be like a pre-honeymoon, and you can never have too many holidays.

Consulting the weather forecast, you can find the perfect area with the most gorgeous sunshine. Winter sun is growing in popularity with the likes of the Caribbean and Mediterranean allowing Brits to escape the winter blues, long or short haul.


Winter sun involves more than beaches and cocktails whilst watching the sun set on another perfect day. As delicious as that sounds, you can always head to the slopes as well. What could be more romantic and festive than fresh snow slopes, log cabins and toasted marshmallows? Any experienced skier/snowboarder will be keen but even if you’re not, why not give it a go!

Whether this is over Christmas day itself or just before, a romantic proposal away from home has that wow factor.

Get all involved

Heading away for your proposal has that secluded factor but what if you’re one for big family dos full of laughter, and the dodgy dance moves of Uncle Bob? What if you’re the sort of couple who are the life and soul of the party? Or what if you can think of nothing better home comforts during this cosy time of the year? There are options for you too.

There’s nothing like a festive family celebration, whether that’s on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day. Get the whole family involved whether that’s a flash mob dance around one of your hometown’s most famous landmarks or a unique (and albeit slightly out of tune) rendition to your other half’s favourite song, a cheering crowd has that celebratory feel.

Top tips

  • Don’t overthink it; the small details that show you care have much more of an impact than any grand yet stereotypical gesture.
  • Tap into their interest; this may seem obvious but it is so easy to opt for clichés when it comes to the theme of weddings. Why hide the ring in the cake when you’ve never seen your other half even dip a spoon into a blackforest gateau?  Keep it small and extremely personal.
  • Be yourself; if big gestures aren’t your thing then why do it? The result will only puzzle the recipient. If a quiet film night in is your favourite hobby, there is no better way to propose to the love of your life. Maybe even act out one of your favourite scenes…
  • Money doesn’t equal happiness; All of the above is proof you don’t need to spend a fortune of proposing, and for the appending wedding either.
  •  Sentimentality beats all; simple really.


photo credit: Brittney Tanis via photopin cc

photo credit: Brittney Tanis via photopin cc

There are a so many things to think of and plan for as you prepare to marry the love of you life. One vital component of any marriage is filing for your marriage license. Without a marriage license, your marriage isn’t legal…and that’s a sad thought.

First off, research the regulations around applying for a marriage license in the county you plan to be married in.  Important questions to find answers for include, what is the application waiting period, when does the license expire, how much is the application fee, is there a discount for couples who opt for premarital counseling, do both of you need to apply in person, etc.  MarriageLicenseNow is the perfect place to find the most up-to-date answers to these questions and any additional marriage license information you may need in your county.

Once you understand the application process, timeline and requirements it is time to consider the name you will write on the marriage license. If you plan to change your name after marriage, the name you use on your license may dictate the name-change options available to you after “I do.” For example, if you plan to blend your last names and live in California, the only way you can use the married name change process to affect that name is to list it on your marriage license. Knowing the regulations and your options is more than half the battle!

Finally, work backwards from your wedding date to determine the best date to apply for your marriage license (don’t forget to factor in holiday office closures). Many county clerk’s offices will allow you to set appointments to file for your marriage license, so take the time to make the appointment in advance. Compile all of the require documents and your fee in an acceptable form of payment and then relax, knowing that you’re going to win the marriage license game.

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It is perhaps one of the most exciting moments of your life; you’ve just accepted the proposal and set a date. One of the first things you’ll be maniacally searching for is the dress. Whether you’re splashing out and going designer, buying a pre-loved gown or even making it yourself, one thing’s for sure is that the dress is the focus of your attentions. Big mistake! As central as it may be, it’s equally important to take care over the accessories that will also be on display on your big day. Walking down the aisle wearing a dress encrusted in genuine pearls and antique lace will be fabulous, provided you don’t team it with a pair of, ‘these-aren’t-quite-right-but-they’ll-do’ shoes. It’s all about the details. In fact you can often get away with a more modestly expensive dress, with the addition of exquisite accessories.


Sewing a pair of combs into something resembling your gran’s net curtain is never a good look, but with a smidgeon of imagination, your headwear can be perfection! If you’re going for a country peasant/pagan look, then opt for a simple garland of flowers, and if the dress is elegant and chic, why not go bespoke and have a milliner or jeweller design something special just for you. This is more affordable than people think, especially if you contact your local arts college to find a talented student.


Don’t be tempted to blind guests with your bling! Understated is always safest, unless you’ve opted for a burlesque concept, with vintage, diva-style accessories. A subtle, yet charming set of pearl or diamond earrings (studs or short drop) can set off your dress beautifully. Team this with a stunning watch, such as those sold by Tarratt, you’re already well on the way to achieving that wow. You decide where eyes should focus. Remember that if everything is over the top, people will be concentrating on the busyness of your ensemble, rather than you, which would be a total fail.


There was a time when it was absolutely de rigueur for the bride’s shoes to match the dress. And when I say match, I mean identical. The shoes get sent off with a sample of the dress fabric, to be professionally dyed. Of course this is still hugely popular, but current fashion allows a lot more artistic licence these days, when it comes to bridal footwear. The court shoe is being replaced with boots of all types, including white DMs. Sensible ballet slippers are being disregarded in favour of jewel-encrusted Converse. These choices may seem off the wall but they can totally rock your look, depending on the concept you’re going for.

There are three ways to get the wow on the big day: go full-throttle for a couture wedding concept; going avant garde or themed, or getting it so wrong that guests can’t take their eyes off you for all the wrong reasons.


What is the ideal situation for a proposal to your beloved? Perhaps you envisage sitting in a Michelin-star restaurant and you pop on one knee before dessert? Or it could be a petal-strewn path, leading to a secret garden with a string quartet playing? Whatever the ideal, what you don’t want is to send a drunken text at three in the morning. Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Scene of the Crime

The very fact you remembered where you had your first date will earn you bonus points but have you gone the extra mile to reproduce the experience down to the letter? Though, if your first date was in a noisy club, perhaps repetition isn’t the best idea.

Film Trailer

You might have read about the chap who produced a film trailer and got his local cinema to show it before the movie his girlfriend had gone to see. The film showed him asking her father for permission, then running all the way to the cinema and bursting through the doors, to get down on one knee and pop the question. What a triumph!

Give Them a Clue

If your other half enjoys puzzles and a bit of adventure, then devise a treasure hunt, going all round the town, leaving ingenious (but not too difficult) clues to find the next one, until they reach the final envelope, which contains the engagement ring. You can make it last an hour or a whole weekend.


Say it With a Song

Regardless of your singing talents, a good vocal coach can always improve on your current skills. Learn a favourite or romantic tune, then get up somewhere public and sing it. And not hitting every note spot on won’t matter at all because your partner will be in awe that you had the guts to do this in the first place.


This has to be one of the most spectacular and surprising ways to propose, as seen in the movie Friends with Benefits. You’ll need a large open space, such as a mall or park, plus you’ll need to know how to organise a flashmob. You could have some friends, colleagues and relatives take part but if you don’t know enough willing participants, there are companies who can help.


Heimlich Manoeuvre

Although still highly popular to bake the ring into cake, drop it into a champagne glass or freeze it inside an ice cube, this has been done to death and is very cliché. The other problem is that if they don’t notice it or you get distracted, they may choke to death.

Once you’ve decided to take your relationship to the next level, plan that proposal moment carefully for two reasons: you want it to be memorable and you want the answer to be YES!


Choosing a wedding gift can be an absolute nightmare, especially if you don’t know the couple too well, or have never been to a wedding before! But don’t fret; sometimes finding the perfect gift is easier than you think. If you break down your possibilities into categories it can make it easier to assess your choices, so here are four easy options that will get your brain ticking with ideas. Think about your relationship with the couple and how to incorporate this into your gift, and you’re sure to get it right every time.

1. The List Present

Traditionally, many couples will make a list of items they would like to receive as a gift for their wedding. If you don’t know the couple very well or are worried about picking the wrong thing then sticking to items on the wedding list is a pretty smart idea: this way you’re buying something they want and need and have actually requested. Ask them to send you the list and tick off the items that people have already bought them; this way you can choose based on your budget as well as the item, and it will still be a surprise, as the couple won’t know what you’ve decided to get them.

2. The Charity Donation

For the couple, the idea of receiving large or expensive wedding gifts can be a little daunting, especially if they’re short on space. Instead, some philanthropic couples choose a charity or two that they would like their wedding guests to donate to rather than hand them a fancy present. This noble idea can save on space and expense and makes people think about the bigger picture. If the couple haven’t specified a charity that they would like guests to donate to, ask them if they think it would be a good idea and they can suggest one to you that they would be happy to support.

3. The Experience

Life isn’t made of material things; it’s made of special moments and happy memories. Give the happy couple an experience they’ll remember: if they’re a pair of adrenaline junkies then why not book them a sky dive or bungee jump? Check out their interests and find an experience that they’ll both love to do together.

4. The Naughty One

If you’re a cheeky friend of the couple and prefer to take a risk with their wedding gift then why not go for something fun and frivolous? Everyone else will no doubt be buying them functional presents, so head for  a site specialising in unusual gifts such as The Great Gift Company and opt for something silly like giant Jenga, an inspirational print for their wall or a pair of his ‘n’ hers piggybanks

Every girl has that one person they can turn to in times of need. Having a best friend is a vital part of life and most of us just wouldn’t know where we’d be without our best pals. So if you’ve been asked the all-important question and someone has entrusted you with everything in the run up to their nuptials, it’s time to step up to the mark and do everything in your power to be an awesome Maid of Honor

Here are the four stages of the chief bridesmaid’s duties.

Bachelorette Party / Hen Party

Wherever you are in the world, the bachelorette party or hen night is one of the most critical parts of your role as a Maid of Honor. This evening cannot disappoint; as the bride’s last night of freedom, it should be absolutely spectacular. Whether you choose Vegas, a European break or somewhere closer to home, make sure your party is jam-packed with fun activities that everyone can enjoy. It’s not all about the destination; the company is just as important, so always double check with the bride before you post out invitations. For assistance in planning a party, call in the help of a company such as The Stag and Hen Experience.

Bridal Shower

Some people like to have one joined up celebration during the bachelorette bash. But if your bride would like to keep her party and her shower separate, you need to make sure you pencil another date in the diary. The bridal shower is all about ‘showering’ the bride with gifts, so invitees should be close friends and family members and any close female family members of the groom. If you’re unsure about the next steps, read Martha Stewart’s guide to shower etiquette here.

Dress Shopping

No doubt you’ll be asked to help with the cake, flowers, bridesmaids dress/shoes, and just about everything else that needs sorting out. But there is nothing more important than helping the bride find her perfect wedding dress. It’s your duty to attend dress fittings; remember that the bride will be looking to you for honest but kind guidance in finding ‘the one’.

The Big Day

And just when you thought your jobs were over, the big day is the most important one of all. Nothing should go wrong for the bride on the wedding day and, as the Maid of Honor, it’s your duty to make sure everything runs smoothly. If you have the help of a wedding planner, you will be their main communicator. If you don’t, then you’ll have to work a little harder to have everyone lined up and every task completed. But the most important job of all? Making sure the bride is happy all day long.

Good luck with your exciting adventure as Chief Bridesmaid! Add your comments below if you can think of any other important tasks.


Weddings can take years to plan: after all, it is supposed to be the most important day of your life! When planning a wedding theme, though, it is all about the detail. If you are going to have a wedding theme then you need to make it as successful as possible by taking it all the way through each element of the day.

Some couples take their wedding theme to the extreme: for example, this Harry Potter themed wedding had over 166,000 shares online! By no means do you need to spend £20,000 to have the perfectly considered wedding theme, and so here is an example of a seaside or beach themed wedding to show you how you can carry a theme throughout right up to the finishing touches, helping you to create your dream wedding on a budget!

A Seaside Themed Wedding


The perfect invitation for a seaside themed wedding is of course – a message in a bottle! This can be delivered on a budget and is a great way to introduce your theme to your guests.


Any centrepiece that has shells, starfish, coral, and lanterns will fit in perfectly into a seaside theme. See some examples here for some inspiration.


You can definitely go all out with the cake – mermaids, seahorses, beach huts, sand and any other sea life you would like to work with. With this theme there are all sorts of ideas you can try out; be creative! Ideas such as a wedding cake that looks like a sandcastle would make a brilliant feature on your day.

Food and Drink

You may be wondering how the menu can reflect your seaside theme. How about sea food for the main course, ice cream for dessert and sex on the beach cocktails!


The decorations for a seaside wedding should be in pastel colours and pale blues, with some nautical touches here and there. You can still be aware of your budget here and use cheaper decorations that will still look great such as chalkboards with cute messages and round paper lanterns hung from the ceiling.


You can even work your theme right through to the bridesmaid’s accessories, why not buy a necklace or bracelet with sweet starfish or shell charm. The groomsmen could also have nautical style cufflinks to suit the theme.

Wedding Favours

Make up some small boxes or bags for each of yours guests and include a couple of small personalised treats such as a stick of rock with the name of your and your partner in the centre! You could also add your names to the bottle label of miniatures to go in the bag. Have a look at the Just Miniatures website for some personalised gifts.

Weddings in 2014 have been a significantly different style than 2013 and the same holds true for bridal showers.  The great thing about bridal shower trends is that they follow the wedding trends very closely.

Here are the Top 4 Bridal Shower Themes and Trends that have emerged in 2014.

Woodland Theme – One of the hottest trends in bridal showers for 2014 is the woodland theme with floral crowns and table numbers made of wood.  Throwing a woodland themed bridal shower is actually much easier than you would imagine.

  • Possible Locations:  City Park, Camping Spot, or Backyard
  • Decorations Ideas: Floral headbands, Pine Cones, Tree stumps for chairs, rustic centerpieces, twigs and branches.
  • Bridal Shower Invitations: Rustic Design with wood or craft pattern background.

Bright Colors Theme – Bright and vibrant colors are back in for 2014.  Don’t be afraid to mix bright yellows with vibrant pinks and reds to make your bridal shower strand out.

  • Possible Locations: Home, Event Center, or Restaurant
  • Decoration Ideas: Balloons, Brightly colored beverages, flowers, Bunting Banners, Fine China with bold napkin color.
  • Bridal Shower Invitations: Simple classic design with bright accent color for the border and important text.

Sparkle Theme – Every girl like things that sparkle.   That sparkle can be anything from a diamond to glitter on her nails.  A sparkle themed bridal shower makes for a very fun look that any girl can appreciate.

Possible Locations: Home, Event Center, or Restaurant

Decoration Ideas: tiaras, glitter, sparking champagne or sparking pink lemonade, nail polish, Christmas lights, sequins

Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas: Bright and fun with glitter lettering or glitter background.

Floral Theme – There are not many things in this world more beautiful than a flower; except for a bridal shower using them as the main theme.  There are so many different types of flowers and each bride will have a different style or favorite flower so each floral themed shower will be completely unique.

  • Possible Locations: City Park, Botanical Garden, Nursery, or Backyard
  • Decoration Ideas: Bouquet centerpieces, floral chains, balloons, ivy, wreaths
  • Bridal Shower Invitations: Select an invitation with the same flower that will be used as the main flower at the party.

Your engagement photos will be used on your wedding invites, as props during your wedding and for years and years to come on the walls of your home. So as you can imagine you want to make sure that they are as perfect as possible. As the old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case you just don’t want them to be a thousand wrong words. Here are 3 tips make sure that your photos can withstand the test of time and that they turn our just as you had dreamed.

1. Location, Location, Location

The backdrop you choose can take a photo from just ok to breath taking. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and choose several different locations for your photo shoot. You will find the changing up the scenery can change the entire feel of the photo even if you don’t change your apparel. matching-colors (1)

2. Clothing

Let you photo do that shouting not your clothes. These photos are going to be around for a long, long time. Some styles are timeless others are short lived fads so make sure you have clothing that still expresses yourself but don’t distract. Also, another important tip to remember about clothing is that you will want your colors to complement your partners as not to clash. So plan ahead of what you are going to wear. photo-location (1)

3. Photo Props

Props are a fun way to express your individuality as well can really make a photo. However they can also really distract so make sure that the props you bring are well thought out for location and style you are going. For example a picnic blanket, basket, and vintage plates and silverware would go great with a rustic outdoor shoot. photo-props (1) There are thousands of things you can worry about when it comes to taking your engagement photos however if you follow these 3 simple tips rest assured you will get some amazing shots that you will cherish forever.

The bridal shoes have a special importance for the bride-to-be and choosing the right pair could be a stressful task as the pressure of looking your best and feeling comfortable at the same time will be huge.

Add to the equation the fact that they have to match the wedding theme and the set color scheme you will feel tired before you have even started shopping, but if you are one bride that loves to stand out, things begin to simplify. All you need is a pair of shoes that features rhinestones. The more embellished they will be the more chances you have to stun your guests.

Wedding Inspiration _ Rhinestones Bridal ShoesCredit

Wedding Inspiration _ Rhinestones Bridal Shoes

You must already know that a bride has to capture everyone’s attention with her attire, therefore paying a special attention to details is required. A more sophisticated, sparkly look is guaranteed to put you in the spotlight and to bring a shower of compliments upon you.

However, pay extra attention when choosing rhinestones bridal shoes to complete your bridal look. If you have already decided upon a wedding dress richly adorned with seamed beads on both the bodice and the skirt, you do not have to buy a pair of very sparkly shoes. They could feature rhinestones only on the heel or on the edges. However, if you would not have them any other way than covered in rhinestones, then choose to match them with a simple dress to create a complementary effect.

Wedding Inspiration _ Rhinestones Bridal Shoes 2Credit

Wedding Inspiration _ Rhinestones Bridal Shoes 2

The size and the color of the small stones are equally important. They have to be in perfect accordance with the color scheme and the formality of the event. If you do not wish to venture too far from the traditional line, white or silver will do just fine, but if you, on the contrary, plan a colorful event, purple, red, or blue stones have to be on your options list.

Wedding Inspiration _ Rhinestones Bridal Shoes 3Credit

Wedding Inspiration _ Rhinestones Bridal Shoes 3

Try to keep a constant track of the balance of your outfit. Things are quite tricky when you decide to go for a glamorous look and the last thing you want is to is to be labeled as kitschy at your own wedding. Consider the fact that all eyes will be mainly on your dress and on your shoes, so try to find the perfect combination.

Last but not least, keep in mind that rhinestones look their best on high heel pumps. As such, you will have to either compromise the comfort of your feet or the aspect of your bridal shoes.

A wedding ceremony is a solemn event, charged with a lot of love and faith and it requires to be accompanied by traditional wedding ceremony songs. You cannot have modern songs as the soundtrack to your ceremony; no matter how big of a fan of them you are, you must keep them for the wedding party.

<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->

The wedding ceremony imposes a certain decency and morality, especially if you intend to hold it in a church or any other place of high religious importance. If you are a very religious couple yourself it will not be hard for you to understand that ceremonies blend wonderfully with tradition, and tradition requires a certain type of music.

But, as even for the most acquainted of us would be hard to choose, you might need a few suggestions to analyze and consider. As you probably well know already, a ceremony is composed of several parts and there are a few key moments that require a well chosen musical piece.

Appropriate Traditional Wedding Ceremony SongsCredit

Appropriate Traditional Wedding Ceremony Songs

The Prelude

Classical music is preferred for the prelude. As it might take a few good minutes for the guests to gather more than one song will be played. A common and appropriate song for this moment is ‘Ave Maria’, by Schubert, but Vivaldi’s ‘L’Inverno’ and Debussy’s ‘Claire de Lune’ can also be played and your choices will surely be praised.

The Processional

The sitting of the guests, the appearance of the pastor and the entrance of the bridesmaids and groomsmen has to be accompanied by music, as well. In this sense we recommend Bach’s ‘Arioso’ (for the sitting), Handel’s ‘March’ and/or Purcell’s ‘Trumpet Tune’.

Appropriate Traditional Wedding Ceremony SongsCredit

Appropriate Traditional Wedding Ceremony Songs

The Entrance of the Bride

Her entrance is probably the most important moment of the entire ceremony and it must be marked accordingly. Therefore, a good musical selection would be ‘The Bridal Chorus’, by Wagner and ‘Canon in D’, by Pachelbel.

The Recession

As you now walk down the aisle happily married you will have to be accompanied by music that expresses your feelings of joy and love. As such, we suggest you opt for ‘The Wedding March’ –Mendelssohn’s composition or for Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’.

If you happen to know any other songs of the kind that you think would beautifully mark your ceremony feel free to discuss it with the pastor. Whatever you do needs to have his approval as he is the one who will unite you into holy matrimony.

Every bride dreams about a perfect wedding look that will impress everybody, but we are all aware that this cannot be achieved without some wedding inspiration (as the importance of the event might overwhelm even the most creative of us) and some beautiful wedding flowers.

We are not talking about the wedding bouquet exclusively. All the arrangements that you choose to do with flowers must look stunning; the centerpieces ought to beautifully embellish the tables of the wedding venue, the church flowers (if you also plan a religious ceremony) have to make it seem like you are marrying in Heaven itself and the wedding bouquet has to be the most delicate yet ravishing finishing touch of your wedding attire.

Wedding Inspiration - Wedding Flowers PackageCredit

Wedding Inspiration - Wedding Flowers Package

For all of them you have to establish a few rules that you will follow throughout the choosing process. First and foremost, you will have to decide upon the type of flowers you will use: natural or silk.

The natural ones bring the advantage that they add a touch of freshness to the event while the silk ones are considerably cheaper. Either way, whatever you decide, stick to it through all the decorations. A blending of the two is not well seen.
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Second of all, the flowers have to match the season and the location of the wedding. These kinds of details are very easily perceived by the guests and also praised, if done in the correct manner.

Wedding Inspiration - Wedding Flowers PackageCredit

Wedding Inspiration - Wedding Flowers Package

Thirdly and lastly, you will have to respect the color scheme. Although combinations are very much recommended a totally chaotic mix is not accepted, so think about the color pattern of your flowers before placing your order.

You do not have to have the same flowers for all the arrangements that have flowers in their composition. On the contrary, you could use white roses and baby’s breath for the bouquet, for example, if you are more on the traditional line, or you could combine tulips with hyacinths.

Wedding Inspiration - Wedding Flowers PackageCredit

Wedding Inspiration - Wedding Flowers Package

Nevertheless, buying flower packages is a good way of saving some money as they usually come with a discount. So, the more you order, the bigger the discount.

However, do not venture into ordering a certain package only because it is cheaper, if it does not match your theme or season at all. Choose wisely such as to end up with a great overall aspect that you are sure you and the rest of the guests will enjoy.

Although you may want to host a wedding that is far from traditional you will have to respect and follow some general rules and in the lines to come we will talk about the most important wedding things that cannot be skipped in a wedding, regardless its degree of conventionality.
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The Ceremony

Religious or not you will have to have a wedding ceremony. Of course, it does not have to hold in a church or in a cathedral or any other place of significant religious importance, but you can do it even in the backyard, have your father walk you down the natural aisle and a friend say a few words about your union as a family.

The most Important Wedding ThingsCredit

The most Important Wedding Things

The Vows

No matter how bad you are with wording you cannot skip this part of the ceremony. They will all be expecting you to declare your eternal, unconditional love, therefore not writing and saying your vows will turn the whole ceremony to a disaster, let alone the disappointment of the guests. Just gather your thoughts and formulate a romantic, sincere promise that will make your spouse and some sensitive guests shed a tear or two.

The First Dance

You ought to dance in the opening of the reception. As a just married couple you have to show your love for everyone to see in one of the most elegant of arts. It is also a good way of impressing your attendees and having them remember your one-of-a-kind wedding. You must choose a song representative for you as a couple and it is recommended that you take a few dancing lessons, as well. Even if you are not a great dancer, the first dance is a key element and it cannot lack.

The most Important Wedding ThingsCredit

The most Important Wedding Things

The Toast

Usually, this is given by one of the best men or one of the bridesmaids. However, the parents of both the groom and the bride might want to say a few words too. It is best that you talk to them before and establish who will hold a toast. More than two toasts will make the guests find the wedding party boring. Nevertheless, the toast has to be short and cheerful so as to set a good mood for the upcoming party.

The most Important Wedding ThingsCredit

The most Important Wedding Things

The Cutting of the Cake

It is a moment eagerly awaited by the guest and it is also referred to as the climax of the party. As a general rule, no party is complete without a cake. It is entirely up to you how eccentric or bold you want to make it, but it has to be there and its cutting has to be performed by you first.

Every wedding has to have at the core of it a seed, and very often that seed is the inspiration given by nature, so when you decide to tie the knot in a very colorful season it is a must that you have a color scheme in mind and we thought it would be a good idea to put together an article on wedding colors for fall.
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First of all, you should know that whatever colors you have chosen you have to stick to them. Stay away from inappropriate combinations that might turn your reception décor into a fashion disaster. It would be ideal if you managed to set the theme on a unique nuance for a plus of individuality, but some decorations are harder to find on a particular shade.

The Most Recommended Wedding Colors for FallCredit

The Most Recommended Wedding Colors for Fall

Now let us get to it and talk about the best colors for fall themed weddings. Without much surprise, we are certain, the star of the season is the burnt orange shade. It is indeed whimsical and it matches the outdoor scenery best. You could use pumpkins (carved or not) to create a link between your reception and the fall nature.

Then you can move on to the seasonal flowers that can embellish your location in an outstanding manner. You can find mums at almost any florist during fall. They feature the colors you need (yellow, red orange) and they come quite cheaply, also. Roses or gerberas are not to be neglected either, even though their price might be higher.

The color of the dry, rusty leaves could also be incorporate in your décor. In fact, you could even use genuine leaves to adorn a corner of the reception. And you could also talk to the baker and decide that your wedding cake features a fall leaves design. You are sure to end up with a very romantic dessert.

The Most Recommended Wedding Colors for FallCredit

The Most Recommended Wedding Colors for Fall

Mauve, purple, lilac, or plum color could be used for a fall themed wedding, as well. Should you want your wedding to have more of a royal air, you ought to find a way to make full use of the previously mentioned nuances. We believe it is not a very complicated assignment, but with one or two helping hands decorating your location, finding the right wedding attire and the right invitations will be a piece of cake.

Fall is a very generous season in terms of color schemes so put your creativity to the test and come up with a unique wedding idea.