My vintage wedding decor

To be frank we will have to admit that we have a thing for the vintage wedding décor. After all, how could one not love something like this: mixing old items with modern objects just adds a sort of romance and magic to the wedding pictures, so at a certain extent one could even say that the vintage décor is essential.
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Even if you had decided to take pictures of yourselves in the most beautiful sights of your city, do not skip adding some vintage elements in your flower garden or backyard. For instance, try to put an old couch in your garden and you will see that aspect of your venue will gain a melancholic touch, which you will just have to capture in your wedding pictures.

As far as the indoor venue goes, try to bring an old telephone, a typing machine and you will had obtained a vintage décor. Also, play with these objects and try to have fun at the photo shooting, in order to remember what a fun and full of joy day you had.

My vintage wedding decorCredit

My vintage wedding decor

In order to get more ideas and inspiration, as far as your vintage wedding décor goes, watch some photographs on the Internet presenting some old wedding pictures. You will see a lot of black and white pictures or some photos with that yellow nuance. You could try to have some of your pictures in this shade, too, in order to create the effect of vintage and old touch.

At the same time, if your city has some ruins of an old building, then you should totally transform that wreckage into your wedding décor. Talk about this with your photographer and make sure that you will have wedding pictures in that wonderful area. In this way, the history of your beautiful city will become the history of your wedding ceremony.

So, think about our suggestion and make sure that your wedding décor will have a vintage and old time touch. Combine modernity with these special items and the final result will be magnificent. After all, we are not talking about having the entire wedding décor in a vintage manner; you should just try to add a drop of romantic and magic vintage touch.

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