Indian wedding dresses

Every culture has its traditions and way of getting dressed and every event asks a particular way of getting dressed. A country without traditions is a dead one, these ideas should be maintained in time and they should be long lasting.

Besides the theory concerning cultures and traditions, we have to admit that in our days it can be a hard task to maintain some of these customs in the wedding day. For instance, it can be a rather impossible mission to wear a white bridal gown if you are more of a rebel personality.
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There’s also the situation in which you feel so different that you feel tempted for applying for another culture’s traditions and customs. We’ve heard many women who want to wear a wedding dress in the big day that resembles the Indian wedding dresses and we sincerely think that it’s a really nice idea, because usually such bridal gowns are realized from the finest fabrics ever.

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Indian wedding dress

Getting back to the roots of these bridal gowns, we would like to talk a little bit about Indian women. They are admired worldwide for their beauty and the accessories and clothing can seem a puzzling thing for some!

The Indian wedding dress that the brides wear in their wedding day is like a traditional costume and has been transformed throughout the years. Also, it has some basic ideas to which it’s related: the fabrics from which it is designed are among the finest, the embroidery is made handmade and it has to be made in bright colors.

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Indian wedding dress

Of course, like the other elements that surround us, the Indian wedding dresses have suffered changes as well. Their usual color is red with golden embroidery, but it seems that nowadays there are some other colors accepted for these gowns as well.

Besides the bridal gown, the Indian women have to wear some other details in their wedding day. They can adopt specific pieces of jewelry, not only on their neck, fingers, wrists or ears, but also in their hair, nose and lips. The more pieces of jewelry they wear on them in the wedding day, the better it is for their social status.

So, in case you would love to apply for an Indian wedding dress, make sure that you combine it with the right details – if you want to imitate such details piece by piece!

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