Hints for fall weddings

When it comes to fall weddings you can be sure that you will have a wonderful one as the nature will help you with the details and it will provide you the symbolism all weddings require. Our target today is to give you some hints about the way in which you can make full use of the season and have an astonishing wedding.
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The first very important thing to settle is the location of the event. If you plan on having it in a small church somewhere in the woods or in a park you could benefit from the advantage of the natural fall atmosphere.

hints for fall weddings

The wedding reception location must follow the same tone, so, the most recommended thing to do in such circumstances is to host the party in the open air, but – just a measure of precaution – have some tents arranged too, should the weather suffer a dramatic, sudden change.

Now, let us talk a little about the details. I believe you are well aware of the fact that you must incorporate some fall elements in the invitations, the wedding favors or maybe even the bridal dress, if you are brave enough. And if you are not, then maybe you can talk to your bridesmaids and convince them to wear some fall inspired dresses. In any case, decide upon the exact details in advance, so that you will not end up with an overcrowded décor.

hints for fall weddings 2

You should make full use of all the elements that the fall season offers. For instance, you can realize a centerpiece by using seasonal flowers, dry leaves, twigs and the like. Bowls with chestnuts, tree cones and apricots (or peaches) seeds are also a good idea for decorations. Also, as wedding favors you could opt for small satin bags filled with dried fruits.

In this way, apart from the amazing pieces of décor and the beautiful colors, you also add the taste of fall by preparing some fall delicacies. Pumpkins and chestnuts can be used to delight your guests, as well.

hints for fall weddings 3

Speaking of the pumpkin; it represents fall better than any other element and it would be great if you just got your bridesmaids to wear dresses (or at least shoes) that bear the orange color. Of course, for a more colorful effect the dresses can be different shades of orange. You can even play around a little with the colors of your accessories as fall is a very generous theme.

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