Fashionable bridal bouquets

Trends don’t have to be respected as strict rules, they have to be taken into account as opinions and if they suit you, why not using these in your wedding day?

We think that it would be great to share with you the main trends for next year and this time it’s concerning bridal bouquets, in other words we would like to share with you some interesting examples of fashionable bridal bouquets for next year.
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We’ve stopped over the bouquets that have a special air and that recall of the arrival of spring – it’s indeed still winter, but it’s not prohibited to dream after all….

fashionable bridal bouquets

Tones of faded green….

Include in your bridal bouquet some fine tones of green or even more intense of darker green. Cream roses or pink peonies are going to be the perfect partners for fruits or leafs in color of green – this is how you’re going to realize a really adorable bouquet.

fashionable bridal bouquets 2

The beauty of shapes….

In the year 2011 we have to think and pay extra attention to the shapes in comparison with this year that has just passed. Peonies are considered to be the next year’s flowers due to the fact that they have a special aspect and you’re going to look different with such a bouquet in your hands. Add some olive branches to this bouquet and the effect is guaranteed.

fashionable bridal bouquets 3

The bow bouquet…

Opt for callas or for big leafs in order to create the bow impression that many of the flower artists want to obtain. Next year there are worn the special shapes in the bouquet, so a chic ribbon is going to be in tendencies as well.

fashionable bridal bouquets 4

Color insertions….

The bouquet isn’t for a long time just some flowers selected and attached together, it’s a fashion statement! So don’t fear of offering the bouquet a special note with a different accessory, like a peacock feather, a ribbon or a pearl necklace.

fashionable bridal bouquets 5

Classic and perfect….

It’s said that the road that you pass over has to be the shortest way to the destination. So, if you don’t want to go away from the good destination, it would be right to choose a rose bouquet or with callas, or a mixture of the two. In the year 2011 such a bouquet is really popular and it’s as important as it used to be in the last hundred of years.

fashionable bridal bouquets 6

Fine mixtures….

Try to go away from tradition and mix wild flowers with flowers that aren’t chosen in most of the cases in a bridal bouquet. The only worry that you have to have concerns their life duration; you don’t want these to lose their charm just after the ceremony.

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