Designer shoes for the wedding day

Having a pair of designer shoes in your wedding day is definitely something really important both for the bride and the groom. Well, you should know that after you wear these in your wedding day you could also apply for wearing them again in the future, at a special event or something like that.

In the lines to come we’re going to offer some suggestions on what you can wear in your wedding day and we highlight the fact that these pairs are really expensive, but really gorgeous in the same time.

designer shoes for the wedding day

We start with a pair of leather high heeled sandals that are really great looking in the same time and with fine and exquisite details in the same time. You can observe how these are ankle cuffed and how these are made of several straps in the front side and look as if they’re knitted. On the front heel you can see some metallic staples that look really great in combination with the nice color of these pair of shoes. Quite some great looking elements if we come to think of it and a really nice pair of sandals in the same time.
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Here’s another suggestion that we have for you and it’s a pair of peep toe pumps with all kinds of details on them that make them look like a hybrid in the same time: sandals or pumps. You have to decide.

designer shoes for the wedding day 2

This particular pair is made with two different types of brown leather and you can observe the knitted details of the straps in the front side of this pair and there’s also a side on the ankle, which helps the pumps be fixed to the leg. Let’s also mention that the heels are really high and thin in the same time and that this particular pair of shoes will make your legs look thin and great looking in the same time, but these are really hard to wear.

Here’s another pair of designer high heeled sandals that is made in a really interesting manner in the same time and it has only nice details about it. This one is made in brown leather with black details on.

designer shoes for the wedding day 3

There are some knitted details on the margins of the front heel and this is quite a great looking element. The back heel looks interesting as well, it’s not that thin and it has a connection to the front heel, which makes this model special.

This pair’s closure is done with the help of an ankle cuff and we’re sure that you won’t have any difficulties when it comes to wearing this pair of designer shoes.

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