Black and white wedding dresses 4

There are some brides who love the idea of blending some other colors in their wedding dresses. They love the idea of contrasts and we are sure that this thought has crossed your mind as well. And what better contrast can you find than the black versus white? Well, it indeed seems that there is no other more appropriate and that is why we have decided to suggest to you some interesting models of black and white wedding dresses.
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We begin our presentation with a sleeveless wedding dress that is conceived in an absolutely gorgeous manner. The dress has a straight neckline and underneath the bodice you can observe a well delimited area that is adorned with black, shiny embroidery.

black and white wedding dresses

It is designed in A-style and you can observe just how wavy and natural the aspect of the dress can get, just by choosing the right fabric. It is a model that can be worn by any bride-to-be as it is definitely appropriate for every body shape.

The dress continues in the back side with a short train and you can easily observe the same black line in the back of the dress as well and all the embroidered details that embellish it. Indeed, we believe that it is a nice combination of details and that you will not regret wearing such a dress on your special day.

black and white wedding dresses 2

The next black and white wedding dress that we would like you to see and consider is another marvel of the wedding dress designs. It is a sleeveless wedding dress that has a sweetheart neckline and that is designed according to the mermaid style, but without overdoing with the details.

Right beneath the bust you can observe the bodice which is made almost entirely of black embroidered details. The lower part of the dress gains a wavy aspect in the back creating the impression that the bride is floating. Do not forget about the embroidered details that continue in the back side of the corsage ands on the skirt, as well.

black and white wedding dresses 3

You can be certain that all these elements will definitely create an interesting black and white wedding dress that is going to make all the guests admire you throughout the entire ceremony and reception.

black and white wedding dresses 4

We can but hope that our suggestions sound interesting enough to you and that they constitute a good starting point for your quest. If they do not, then maybe we managed to stimulate your imagination a little.

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    Where can I buy the first dress?

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    where can I buy the second dress?? thank you!

  3. Andrew Reply

    These dresses are from our affiliated designer,if anyone would like one of these dresses ,please Contact Us

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    Where can I find the first dress at top of this page. Is it only available online? If so where can I locate the website in order to purchase the dress?

  5. Andrew Reply

    @Kathy – please read my previous comment.
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  6. Anna Reply

    How much and where can i get the first dress?

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    As i said it before : These dresses are from our affiliated designer,please Contact Us so we can discuss further.
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    I attempted to select the link to contact you, however, it gave an error. Please email me I like the second dress and would like to inquire on the fabric material and the price.

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    Leigh M

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    Hello Leigh,well the link is broken because meanwhile we changed the appearance of our site as you can see.But you have the Contact Us up there :-)
    These dresses are from our affiliated designer,if you`d like to go further with this please Contact Us .
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