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And to offer you several examples we’re still here with the subject concerning the black and white wedding dresses. These dresses are really special as you can observe, because when we say monochromatic dresses, this doesn’t mean that there is the same proportion of tones used, it can be only a touch of color and that’s it….
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The first black and white wedding dress that we want to talk about is made in a really chic manner. This dress has a sweetheart neckline and the upper side is entirely white, also it doesn’t have any sleeves or straps and it highlights pretty well the shoulders and your breasts.

black and white wedding dresses 3

Beginning from the waist line there’s the skirt that is really tight on the body up to the knee area, and starting from this area it has nice looking plisses. The skirt is made of black and white straps and it definitely creates a nice visual effect!

Our next suggestion of black and white wedding dress it is made type fairytale wedding gown with a big skirt that ends in the back side with a medium sized dress. This dress has a great looking corset that is perfectly highlighted with the help of a black margin. The corset has embroidery on it and also on the skirt it has floral embroidery too, there’s also an area with black lines and in the back side this area is too and it ends tied up in a bow.

black and white wedding dresses 32

Another great looking model of wedding dress has a great looking bodice with all kind of black embroidery on it. The breasts are highlighted with the help of a black side made of different colored fabric. On the rest of the dress you can see black spots, which are visible and let’s also mention that this dress has a certain calm touch and brings you with the idea of youth. The dress is sleeveless, it has a sweetheart neckline and the skirt is composed of ruffles that look really nice.

black and white wedding dresses 33

We suggest a more extravagant model of wedding dress, this one is made also without sleeves and it has a great looking area on the breasts and underneath them there’s a black waist line created with the help of a black thread of fabric, on this fabric there’s a bow with a shiny detail on it. Indeed this is an exquisite looking wedding dress; it looks really different from the others, just because it is special!

black and white wedding dresses 34

Also we like the mode in which this piece of clothing goes on the body, like it feels really comfortable and it creates a nice visual impression in the front side with that detail there. As you can see, it has a really modern touch on it and there’s something plain normal about it too, right?

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  1. I would like info on where to find the 2nd to last dress…the one with the black bodice…black top. Please let me know asap…I love it…THANKS!

    Melissa Goodman

  2. hey melissa did you find out about the second to last dress im also very interested in it… if you did could you possibly let me know … cheerss x

  3. I would like to know where to find the 2nd to last dress with the black accents around the breasts and black spots everywhere!! Please please email me or post on here where I can go to find it. Im getting married in June of 2012 and would love to wear this dress!!! Thanks so much =)

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